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Public Speaking for Passion, Power and Profit | TAOCT
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Public Speaking

for Passion

Power and Profit



Public Speaking


Passion, Power & Profit

transforming you, your business and yourt life!

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June (UK) & November (Marbella) 2018 TBC


Residential in the UK or our Beautiful Villa in Marbella 

Get your message out there!

If you have a message to share or shout about, Steve Payne can help you develop your public speaking skills and show you how to reach a large audience.

Whether you are looking to boost your speaking skills for personal development or you are seeking to position yourself as the ‘go-to’ expert in your field, this 5-day course will give you the ability to connect with and move your audience to action!

Steve is going to share with you his 3-step structure to speaking success: 1. You 2. Your Message 3. Your Audience 

Train with Steve Payne, ‘The Public Speaking Coach’

As well as being a keynote speaker and public speaking coach, Steve is one of very few Certified Master Trainers of NLP in the world, an entrepreneur, a professional actor and an award-nominated published author on personal development.

Steve will share with you the speaking secrets he learned whilst a student at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. His fellow students at the time included many of today’s ‘A’ list actors and performers. Steve worked as a professional performer for more than 10-years in film, TV, theatre and radio, before generating more than £1m turnover from personal development and speaking-related sources.

Steve will show you the some of the tools, techniques and models used by the most successful speakers and performers and how they developed their talents to be at the top of their professions.

He will also show you how he went from a shy introvert and a traumatic public speaking experience, to become a 5-figure keynote speaker, including speaking engagements with many global corporate clients. Steve will help you become the most inspirational speaker you can be by sharing some of these skills, as well as further skills and processes he has developed along his journey.

If you want to place yourself as an expert in your subject, speak in front of large audiences, sell from the stage or simply deliver inspirational speeches that move people to take action (without you having to worry about nerves getting in the way), then you have come to the right place!

You, Your Message, Your Audience

The course will focus on the 3-key parts necessary for great public speaking:

1. Your state, voice and body: the instrument through which you deliver your message

2. Your message itself. Steve has developed a methodology for delivering messages over the last 30-years, that is guaranteed to resonate with your audience. This method is based on a proven storytelling formula.

3. Your Audience. Put simply, speaking is about moving an audience to do or think something different. Steve will show you how this is done.

Words, words, words …

It is not just what we say, it is how we say it that makes a difference. 

Body Language, Tonal range, the words we choose

We can fire the imagination with the words we choose and how we use them. Here is an example audio demonstation of vocal variety. All the voices on the demo are Steve’s. He will work with you to develop your vocal range so you can captivate your audience more easily.

The Course

This Professional Public Speaking course is based on the neuroscience of communication and focuses on practice and learning through ‘doing’.


Welcome Introductions

Setting out the ‘roadmap’ for the course

5-minute presentations to get a marker

  • The Body
  • The Voice
  • Your State

Developing an effective ‘warm-up’ routine to put you in the optimum speaking state, everytime

Building personal confidence

The Speaker’s FREEDOM System, a process that gives you the freedom to focus on what is important, i.e. delivering an inspirational message that moves your audience to action





Mastering the ‘Art of Storytelling’

Beginnings, Middles and Endings

  • How things were
  • The EPIPHANY breakthrough
  • The ‘Call To Action’

Calls to action: Getting it right


Utilising drama

Humour: The do’s and don’ts

The Story CREATOR System


Understanding your audience

Testing the temperature

  • Emotional Triggers
  • Language
  • Visualisation
  • Universals

How to get your audience to finish your sentences!

The subtle art of audience participation

Staying the driving seat

Recruiting unconscious leaders in the audience

The 5-Key Success Secrets to winning over any audience

PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER (the glue for all public speaking presentations)


Anchoring spaces

Text work

Eliciting appropriate states in your audience

Using nerves for leverage

Reading an audience

Preparation vs Spontaneity

Building a presentation

Working with the audiences unconscious mind

Putting it all together


Presentations that leave a legacy

Invitation to join the Academy of Public Speakers

Closing Ceremony

The Villa: Our Beautiful Training Venue in Marbella

Accommodation on-site

We will be staying in a beautiful villa with plenty of outdoor space and a large swimming pool. Just imagine this as your workspace! The training takes place inside the villa and in the gardens. There is a large, well-equipped kitched. The villa is very clean, open-plan and modern inside. Ideal for a week’s intensive public speaking!

Become a TEDx Speaker and Position Yourself as an Expert

In addition to developing your public speaking skills, Steve will also show you how to follow in the footsteps of some of our previous speakers who have gone on to deliver amazing speeches at TEDx events around Europe.

(Course participant Dr. Joydeep Ghoshdastidar makes his TEDx debut)

Public speaking to get your customers coming to you…

Chasing individual customers is time consuming and saps energy, as well as being expensive. Instead of spending an hour speaking to one customer and then an hour with the next, imagine what you can achieve when you can fill a room with 200 of your potential customers all at once and spend an hour inspiring them all.

This course brings a proven method of training techniques brought from the world of theatre, neuroscience, NLP and business, to make you the very best public speaker you can be.

I set up the Academy of Public Speaking to train people just like you to be brilliant from a stage. I can take you from wherever you start, to making an impact in just 5-days.

The Passion, Power and Profit Principle

Together with my team, I will teach you how to deliver with confidence and certainty. I will teach you how to tell your story so that your audience are moved to want to buy from you – whether you are selling yourself, ideas or products.

I will teach you how to develop your status as an expert in your field. I will show you how public speaking can be the key to your success.


This is about YOU!

I will show you how you can be the most confident speaker you can be. I will show you methods to take the butterflies in your stomach and make them fly in formation! I will help you fall in love with a stage and claim that territory as your own.

I will teach you how to breathe like a professonal speaker, how to develop a powerful, confident voice, how to have the most effective body language.

I have developed a system called the Speaker FREEDOM Model to ensure that you are the best ‘instrument’ possible to get your message across.

I will show you how to speak with confidence and integrity.


This is the impact of your STORY or message.


The way a story is told is like a symphony, many parts that are structured in a way to take your audience on a journey and move them emotionally as well as logically.

I will show you my 5-step process to tell a story that has maximum impact and power to inspire your audience.


This is about how you can GAIN from being a speaker.

Being an accomplished speaker will help raise your profile, be that as someone worth listening to, your status at work or positioning yourself as a ‘go-to’ expert in your field.

The ability to sell from the stage is a powerful skill that can help you recruit many customer at the same time and change the way you do business.

Get in on the ACT!

Join us on our next Public Speaking for Passion, Power and Profit and experience the difference becoming a GREAT public speaker can make to your personal and professional life.


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